What is the People Bank

The People Bank has been designed to aid Job Seekers in their search for employment. It is aimed to provide a unbiased and direct approach to employers in the County Sligo region. 

No personal information will be shown to employer, so they will be making a judgement on a client based on their Pen Profile and their Travel To Work Area and Job Target. This is done to create level playing field and allow Employers to contact clients they wish to know more about directly.


What information will a Employer see in the People Bank?

When a Employers is viewing the People Bank, the following is only information they will be able to see about a client:

  • Pen Profile
    • Short description of your abilities and experiences
  • Travel to work area
    • What area’s of Sligo are you willing to travel to for a position
  • Job Target
    • What job area/position are you targeting
  • Once they click on the “Contact Me” button on a clients profile, they will then be shown that clients work email address
Perks of being in the People Bank?
Our People Bank Clients will also be included onto a email mailing list, this is where we aim to send you Job Adverts that be advertised to us directly from Employers before they go live on our website.

How to Join the People Bank

To join the People Bank, please fill out the form below and from their we will arrange a 1 to 1 meeting with yourself. From their we talk with you about your Job Searching and we will then add you to People Bank.

Note: This has to be done in person and not online due to our data protection rules